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Photo Album
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Photo Album

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Play the Gundam W Opening Theme


^Above^-A large group of people from Inuyasha.  A few duplicates, but who cares?  I don't know if they were traveling as a group, or just for the picture, or what, but it was neat to get so many different characters from the same show in one place.


^Above^ - The Matrix has you... And apparently me, too.  I thought they were after me about all the file downloading on Kazaa, so I told them Mr. Anderson was in the bathroom and ran.


I am the guardian of many pictures, and I can bring you to them, but first, I must apologize.
"For what?"
Nothing, I just had to say that.  Anyway, I thought this one was pretty cool.  Seraph from Enter the Matrix and Reloaded.


Here was Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2.  I wasn't expecting the school girl to get in the picture, too, I only saw Rikku, but I just can't say no to a girl in a school girl costume. ^^;;
UPDATE- The schoolgirl has been identified as Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi by an informant.


I'm not actually a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, but I do play the cards and have some friends who watch the show and/or read the manga, so I took this picture for them.  My friend Charles, who you will read a little more about later on once threatened to go to a Yu-Gi-Oh Card Tournament dressed as Yugi, so this is for him to see what he'd look like, lol.  And Robert sometimes calls me Kaiba or Joey when we play, so here's Kaiba, as well.


I didn't know at the time, but a friend told me this is Sailor Tin Nyanko from Sailor Moon.  My mom just thought she had a cool outfit and stopped her and told me to get in the picture.  So, for the second time in a row, I was in a picture, and didn't necissarlily want to be, but it's all cool. ^_^


WOOO!  Botan!  One of my top ten favorite anime girls!  Actually, if my mom was around, I probably would have wanted to be in this one, but she was in the bathroom.  Darn my luck.


This was just a guy I found, and thought it was funny.  My friend Charles will get a kick out of this, at least.


^Above^ - Here was just Inuyasha alone.  I had to get this one because of the sword, fit to scale, and made well.  Also, check out the hands and feet.  Very good costume.


^Above^ - Neo and Trinity.  Nope, Mr. Anderson wasn't in the bathroom, he was in the Dealer's Room. ^_^ What, you thought I ratted him out? 


Lulu, Yuna, and Rikku from Final Fantasy X.  Awesome!  Good job with all those belts, Lulu. 


Now, thanks to my mom who was holding the camera at the time, I'm in this one.  I'm the boring guy on the right.  Anyway, the only way he could've improved this Tidus costume was if he had the Brotherhood sword, which I really don't know how you could do, personally.


Ooo la-la!  It's Ulala from Space Channel Five!  One of the best costumes here, I'd say.  Too bad the lighting wasn't very good.


I'm a big .hack fan, and most of what I saw of .hack were the T-Shirts you get when you buy the DVD boxed set, so when I saw this girl dressed as Tsukasa, I had to get a picture.


Aisha Clan-Clan, the greatest Ctarl-Ctarl in the unvierse.  I was a big fan of Outlaw Star for awhile, but I lost interest after it moved off of the daytime Toonami, but I always remember Aisha as being hillarious, and she's one of my favorite anime characters today.


The one costume I had to see.  RYOKO!  Ryoko is my favorite anime character period.  Another picture I wanted to be in, another time, my mom wasn't around.  DAMN my luck.  Ah well, I'm planning on going to the Anime Expo in 2007 and going with a Ryoko, so it'll turn out fine.


Last but not least, the ninja squirrel.  See, my friend Charles has a habit of throwing acorns, and when you look at him, or say someting, or whatever, he blames it on ninja squirrels, so this has made an incrdibly long series of inside jokes about Charles and ninja squirrels.  When I saw this person, I just cracked up and had to take his picture.  Charles, you were right, I never should have doubted you.  Ninja squirrels are real.

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