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My Trip to the A-Kon 14

All the Video Games, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pocky, and Inuyashas you'd ever want!

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My parents and I, your host of this story, Brady, went to the A-Kon 14 in Dallas for three days.  Here is our story.

On Friday morning (May 30th), we woke up early and drove seven boring hours up to Dallas where we went to our hotel room, the Summerfield Suites by Wyndham.  Great hotel, we got a one-bed one-bath suite where the couch folded out into a bed, that included a kitchenette for only $53 a night!  Very clean, there was a pool, huge breakfast bar, and we met some cool people.  </sales_pitch>  After a short break, my dad and I went to the Kon.  We didnt' think of bringing the camera then, and, sadly, that was when I saw most of the coolest costumes, like a Yuna and Rikku pair from Final Fantasy X2, and that's not even out yet in America.
Then, the next day, I just wanted to show my mom what it was like, so I took her.  This day, I brought the camera, but didn't see  some of the coolio costumes I saw the first day.  My mom annoyed me a bit more than my dad, and it shows in two of the pictures that she made me get in, lol. 
Third day, I realized I forgot to do some stuff on the second day, so I went back with my mom, but just for an hour or so.  Got just four pictures that day.

Ok, so, if you want to see the pictures, click Photo Album on the left.  For information on the Kon, click on the Related Links section.  If you see yourself on the site, read below, and please don't sue me, I have no money, I spent it all at the Kon.

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